Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer Review

Style: The Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer is a simplistic styled device. It is completely black with the exception of a “Gold N Hot” logo near the front. This hair dryer comes with three snap-on attachments. They include one wide tooth comb, fine tooth comb and a styling brush. It has two speeds and heat settings for varied styling needs. The Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer also comes with a safety device to help protect users from electric shock.
Quality and Durability: The Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer’s attachments are not reliable. One of the snap-on attachments to this hair styling tool broke while I was using it. This increases the cost of such a dryer because I have to purchase replacements for the attachment. On another occasion, a snap-on attachment slipped out of its locking place at least three times. That causes a lot of risk to potentially create dangerous situations for children and adults who use the Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer.

This hair styling tool is noisy when being operated. That can make you want to either rush through drying your hair or just buy a new hair dryer. The noise from this hair dryer can easily wake up other people in your household. It is loud, annoying and nearly the worst aspect of the Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer aside from the flimsy attachments. This hair dryer has a hanging ring that can make it convenient for storage and cooling purposes.

Price: The Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer is an affordable styling tool. The one that I owned was purchased for $21.99. I have found this hair dryer priced between $20 and $30 online. It is not worthwhile to pay $30 for a hair styling product that you can get for $25 or less. The Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer comes with a one- year limited warranty. The warranty may be an extra advantage to purchasing this hair styling product over other brands or models.

Verdict: Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer works well enough to justify its price at the low end. It can dry your hair quickly and thoroughly. However, the loud noise has made me chose to air-dry my hair on a few occasions. Sometimes, the noise from this dryer is not worth the hassle of dealing with aggravation while drying anyone’s hair. It can be work to deal with this and also bet on when the attachments are going to have to be replaced. If you are looking for a cheap hair dryer that works well, the Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer will be sufficient. Men and women who have time to shop around and spend a few extra bucks can find better hair dryers.

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