Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer Review

This is the Zojirushi’s upgraded rise cooker that has many users and supporters.  If healthy rice is an important part of your family’s regular menu, you might as well do it right.  This rice cooker has many features that are designed for safety and for effortless rice cooking. I have to say that the NS-ZCC10 is really the best rice cooker when it comes to perfecting rice.  When you pen the package, you will know right away that this is the rice cooker you have been waiting of your dreams.

Product Details

•    600 watt rice cooker
•    5-1/2 cup computerized with “neuro fuzzy” Technology.
•    Multi-menu choices
•    Automatic extended warming
•    Reheat capabilities
•    Spherical non-stick inner pan by Dupont
•    LCD Clock and timer
•    Retractable cord
•    Includes 2 measuring cups, non-stick rice scoop, rice spoon holder
•    User’s guide and recipes included
•    Product dimensions – 14” x 8” x 10”
•    Shipping weight – 9 pounds
•    One-year limited warranty

Product Overview

Several reviewers dubbed the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White the top-of-the-line rice cooker.  The product is solid and beautifully engineered.  The footprints are small but the production possibilities are large.

The unit is designed to cook rice spherically.  The black, thick interior spherical pot is covered with DuPont Teflon.  The stay-cool handles make it a snap to lift the interior cooking pot from the machine.  The Teflon really serves two purposes.  It does not permit the rice to stick to the cooking surface and it does make cleaning so easy.

Zojirushi refers to the rice cooker’s technology as “neuro fuzzy” technology.  This technology provides the user with multiple menu selections.  The options include temperatures for various rice types.  The sky is the limit.

Users should use the measuring cups included with the cooker.  These cups are not the same size as standard cups.  Use these cups for both rice and water.  One measuring cup is for regular rise and the other is for non-rinsed rice.

The technology also provides an automatic warming cycle.  When the contents are cooked, the automatic warmer kicks in and keeps food war without burning or further cooking.  To cook the rice, add the number of measured cups and then an equal amount of measured cup holding water.  Spices and flavoring can then be added.  Stir the mix and select the type rice being cooked.

Next, the user pushes the power button.  When the rice is cooked, an indicator light will notify the user.  In the world of rice cookers, this is an all-star.  Reviewers report it lasting from 6 – 10 years.

Razer Naga Review

The Razer Naga gaming mouse looks like the offspring of a regular mouse and a cell phone. A mouse with keypads on its side will automatically grab anyone’s attention upon seeing it. Being black in color and the same time sleek matched with blue keys, it is one good looking mouse. Aside from its cool appearance, this particular gaming mouse has other amazing features that makes it one of the best gaming mice 2017 in the market today.

The Razer Naga is highly recommended to hardcore online gamers. This is the mouse that provides all the gamers need when it comes to online gaming. It is way too different from all gaming mouse that came out before it, different meaning it is like an upgraded version of all gaming mouse combined. Its customization has almost no limitations and you can spend hours searching for the most ideal set up for almost any game. This mouse sports a 5600dpi resolution, 1000 Hz polling, and sensitive top mouse buttons.

Another great thing about this gaming mouse is the presence of the keypad; most gamers find it very helpful to have some extra buttons to press. Although it takes an average of 18 hours of game play for gamers to be comfortable and not worry about hitting the wrong key. It features downloadable in game add-ons which allow the gamers to set up key binding in game which is very accommodating.

This mouse has a great feel and look. Not only does it look cool it is also comfortable. It has 17 MMO-optimized buttons which includes the 12 button thumb grid and has scroll wheel with 24 individual click positions which is an essential characteristic online gamers considers. The multi-button thumb framework makes it easier for users to place every command they need with just one press of a button. On the other hand, because of its multi buttons, user tends to lose control of the mouse itself. Also, the 12 button grid can make the surface of the mouse warm although not too warm but the user will definitely feel the heat that can affect their usage of the Razer Naga. It also has 7 foot lightweight, braided fiber cable. Using a wired mouse is like going back to ancient times of computer. Wired mouse often gives discomfort to users as it limits their movements. On the other hand, the use of a wired mouse has its advantage because of lesser tendency of hang ups. The braided cord is for easy identification and for easier untangling.

It has the ability to save profiles for different games which you may not have the luxury of in other gaming mouse. Plus the glowing blue backlights of keypads add to the coolness factor. The gold-plated USB connector is but for aesthetic purposes only but this feature of this mouse is very eye-catching. However, the price of the Razor Naga MMOG laser gaming mouse doesn’t go unnoticed because it is expensive. On the other hand, others don’t bother about the price because of its reasonability, functionality and whole packaging.

Some people may think that the price of the Razer Naga is too much for a gaming mouse but with this particular mouse which possesses amazing features, it may come as a worthy bargain.

Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer Review

Style: The Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer is a simplistic styled device. It is completely black with the exception of a “Gold N Hot” logo near the front. This hair dryer comes with three snap-on attachments. They include one wide tooth comb, fine tooth comb and a styling brush. It has two speeds and heat settings for varied styling needs. The Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer also comes with a safety device to help protect users from electric shock.
Quality and Durability: The Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer’s attachments are not reliable. One of the snap-on attachments to this hair styling tool broke while I was using it. This increases the cost of such a dryer because I have to purchase replacements for the attachment. On another occasion, a snap-on attachment slipped out of its locking place at least three times. That causes a lot of risk to potentially create dangerous situations for children and adults who use the Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer.

This hair styling tool is noisy when being operated. That can make you want to either rush through drying your hair or just buy a new hair dryer. The noise from this hair dryer can easily wake up other people in your household. It is loud, annoying and nearly the worst aspect of the Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer aside from the flimsy attachments. This hair dryer has a hanging ring that can make it convenient for storage and cooling purposes.

Price: The Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer is an affordable styling tool. The one that I owned was purchased for $21.99. I have found this hair dryer priced between $20 and $30 online. It is not worthwhile to pay $30 for a hair styling product that you can get for $25 or less. The Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer comes with a one- year limited warranty. The warranty may be an extra advantage to purchasing this hair styling product over other brands or models.

Verdict: Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer works well enough to justify its price at the low end. It can dry your hair quickly and thoroughly. However, the loud noise has made me chose to air-dry my hair on a few occasions. Sometimes, the noise from this dryer is not worth the hassle of dealing with aggravation while drying anyone’s hair. It can be work to deal with this and also bet on when the attachments are going to have to be replaced. If you are looking for a cheap hair dryer that works well, the Gold N Hot GH9223 Hair Dryer will be sufficient. Men and women who have time to shop around and spend a few extra bucks can find better hair dryers.